Sunday School 2021

Christian Education Director: Ms Michelle


2021 Week 3: Click here for the Sunday School Lesson Video

2021 Week 2: We all have important jobs on our journey through life. Click here for the Sunday School Video

2021 Week 1: Click here for the Sunday School Video

2020 Christmas Program: Click here and enjoy!

Week 15: Final week of Christmas books & a special recipe for Christmas Eve!  Click Here - Sunday School Video!

Week 14: A New Sunday School Tradition: A Christmas Bedtime Story! Click Here - Sunday School Video!

Week 13: Know what happens in December? Click Here: Week 13 - Sunday School Video!

Week 12: No Sunday School Video this week. Ms. Michelle is preparing for the Christmas Video Program

Week 11Joseph’s story- God has a plan Click Here: Week 11 - Sunday School Video!

Week 10: Isaac is born- God promises bring us joy - Click Here: Week 10 - Sunday School Video!

Week 9: Lot and Abram divide the land, God wants us to put others first - Click Here: Week 9 - Sunday School Video!

Week 8: Abram follows God’s direction – God is our guide - Click Here: Week 8 - Sunday School Video!

Week 7: The tower at Babel – We put God first - Click Here: Week 7 - Sunday School Video!

Week 6: God floods the earth – We can count on God - Click Here: Week 6 - Sunday School Video!

Week 5: Noah builds the ark – God wants us to obey - Click Here: Week 5 - Sunday School Video!

Week 4: Dealing with anger – God wants us to love our families - Click Here: Week 4 - Sunday School Video!

Week 3: We all get into trouble – God doesn’t want us to sin - Click Here: Week 3 Sunday School Video

Week 2: It all started with two people – God made us - Click Here: Week 2 Sunday School Video!

Week 1: In the beginning – God Made the world - Click Here: Week 1 - Sunday School Video!

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Our mission is to creatively and actively educate, worship, pray, serve and give in the name of Jesus Christ!

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